The Strength of our Partnership


Who we are and how we serve

Headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, Atriax/Piedmont Pridon is a SDVOSB Joint Venture (JV) that evolved from individual organizations focused on specific engineering tasks to a diverse team providing integrated, full-service delivery of all building-related tasks to fully address the Government’s needs.

Today, we offer 100+ years of combined experience in successful development, project management, design, engineering, financial planning, and property management of Government and mission-driven organizations. We have demonstrated strong abilities to successfully serve our repeat clients at all levels of the design/bid/build process – from program management and project planning through design and construction.

Atriax/Piedmont Pridon has developed a strong reputation for being a rapid-response small business force ready to take on tough architecture, engineering, and construction challenges at a moment’s notice — anywhere in the United States or around the world. Our personnel have the skills and leadership to thoughtfully integrate all required disciplines into development plans, designs, oversight, and construction processes. We work with trusted partners along each step of the development process: architects, city planners, engineers, surveyors, contracting officers, inspectors, subconsultants, leasing agents, financiers, and more.

Atriax/Piedmont Pridon exceptionally crafts individualized solutions to each project it undertakes, ensuring compliance, mitigating risk, and prioritizing cost-effectiveness. With strong commitment to serving new and existing Government clients, we proudly offer:

• Real Estate Development
• Architecture and Engineering Design
• Construction
• Facility Management, Operation, and Maintenance

A Community is Committed to Supporting our Nation at Work

Direct Communication

We are consistently asked to solve emergency situations or difficult problems. The Government relies on us to bring the right team with the right attitude and a collaborative approach to solving each problem. Atriax/Piedmont Pridon is process driven but remains flexible so that we always get the right result. Our reputation for excellence is rooted in Air Force master plans, in campus infrastructure designs, in hospital patient care spaces, and in creating beautiful interior and exterior environments.

In the Community

As involved citizens of Hickory, North Carolina we have participated in upcoming local and regional initiatives, joined community forums to provide input to our future, have served on various and multiple city commissions, and have been an integral part of local historic preservation activities.


Our Values

Our Values are Aligned with those of our Government Clients.

We draw on our military service experience to not just build exceptional buildings, but to build exceptional relationships.

The word “Atriax” is derived from the words “atrium” – an entry portal, and “triaxial” – relating to multiple axes. In other words, when a Government Agency enters into a project with Atriax/Piedmont Pridon, the agency will enter into an innovative environment where all needs and special requirements are met, regardless of their scope or dimension.

Above all else, we are committed to providing our Government clients with:

• Timely, responsive, and informed expertise
• Effective and relevant consultation and communication
• Consistent, clear visibility into cost, schedule, and risk
• Superior work product, quality control, and peer review processes
• Valuable reach-back to successful program processes and procedures

Our business is committed to sustainable construction and helping our clients with green initiatives, including providing services in support of LEED Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership in High Performance in Sustainable Building.

Our Clients Come First. Feel free to drop in or contact us during our business hours.


Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

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Address 102 3rd Avenue NE Hickory, NC

Phone (828) 322-1296