Our Values are Aligned with those of our Government Clients.


We draw on our military service experience to not just build exceptional buildings, but to build exceptional relationships.

The word “Atriax” is derived from the words “atrium” – an entry portal, and “triaxial” – relating to multiple axes. In other words, when a Government Agency enters into a project with Atriax/Piedmont Pridon, the agency will enter into an innovative environment where all needs and special requirements are met, regardless of their scope or dimension.

Above all else, we are committed to providing our Government clients with:

• Timely, responsive, and informed expertise
• Effective and relevant consultation and communication
• Consistent, clear visibility into cost, schedule, and risk
• Superior work product, quality control, and peer review processes
• Valuable reach-back to successful program processes and procedures

Our business is committed to sustainable construction and helping our clients with green initiatives, including providing services in support of LEED Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership in High Performance in Sustainable Building.

Our Values are Aligned with those of our Government Clients